Introducing The Power Lead System

introducing PLS
This is the ultimate platform that levels the playing field!

What does that mean?

PLS is the most complete, powerful, and AFFORDABLE All-In-One Marketing System so now ANYONE can use the same tools the big guys use!

So What Are These Tools?

Unlimited Lead Capture Pages

Create an unlimited amount of lead capture pages, complete with personal branding, or choose from the ones provided for you. The PLS design team is constantly testing and tweaking new landing page designs, to ensure the best conversions.

lead capture pages

Create Your Own Training Pages

Create your own custom training pages. Add ‘call-to-action’ buttons below your video, and link these buttons to any URL(s) of your choice.


Track All of Your Ads to See What’s Working And What Isn’t

ad tracking

Powerful Contact Manager

The PLS powerful contact management system allows you to rate and sort your prospects, take notes, and schedule reminders. You can even see who’s opening your emails or clicking on your links.

contact manager

Unlimited Sub Domains

Instead of buying a new domain for each of your funnels, just create multiple subdomains. You can point these subdomains to any advertisement, webpage, or banner for ad tracking. No messing around with a hosting company. You can do this at the push of a button, right within the PLS system.

Unlimited Sub Domains

Send An Email Broadcast to Your Entire Subscriber Base

Amazing Deliverability And Very Simple To Use.

email broadcast

Audio & Video Postcards

Experts say that audio and video gets three times the results as typical email. Create your own or choose from the library of choices and start engaging your prospects.

audio video postcards

Floating Lead Capture Form

If you’re not capturing your prospects contact information when they visit your website, you’re losing money. Easily add a floating capture form to virtually any website or blog.

floating lead capture

Auto-Responder Service

You don’t have to spend more money on a quality auto-responder service, as this is already included. In fact, the PLS system has one of the highest email deliverability, anywhere on the planet. You’ll love knowing your prospects are actually GETTING their emails.

auto responders

Rank Your Pages

Rank your lead capture pages and sales video pages all over the internet. PLS has training to show you exactly where to add SEO keywords and phrases to your website ‘Title Tags’ to maximize your online exposure.

rank your pages
You can easily integrate AWeber to any page, it’s your choice (integrating AWeber is optional, you can use the powerful autoresponder service without having to spend more money on a 3rd party provider).

With no limit but your imagination, you can create incredible looking sales funnels for ANY business, then SHARE that funnel with any person (or company) you choose. A unique “share code” is generated for every funnel you create!

Everything is simple to use, just point and click… Including ‘how-to’ videos for every feature.

PLS doesn’t just give you the tools and let you figure it out yourself. PLS makes sure you succeed by supplying you with incredible Internet marketing training.

  • Internet Marketing Training
  • Training Area
  • Live Weekly Webinars/ Hangouts
  • Fantastic Customer Support

PLS has weekly webinars/hangouts where you’ll learn more about your system, and be able to ask questions.

The training area will show you how and where to market your business, including many places not widely known in the industry, that are getting amazing results.

And so much more…

How Much is ALL This Going to Cost?

how much is this all going to cost
ONLY $30/Month PLUS You Can Take A FREE Trial! AND There Is An Affiliate Program For Those Who Are Interested!

What Are You Waiting For?

what are you waiting for

Click On The FREE Trial Button Below To Start Growing Your Business Now!

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