You know selling is NOT an easy game. That’s why you want solutions for your business that solves your #1 problem….your need to increase sales.

Why Are Systems Important?

Let’s look at Chocolate Chip Cookies. If you had a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies … AND.. You had all of the ingredients … and you followed the recipe by knowing…

  • What to do …
  • When to do it … and
  • How to do it …

Could you easily make chocolate chip cookies? Of course you could … but what if you never made chocolate chip cookies before? What if you were a teenager, or 75 years old? What if you never baked anything before? It wouldn’t matter would it?

But let’s be real … building a business isn’t like making cookies… Or is it?

There Is A Critical Mistake That A Lot of People Make When Trying to Grow Their Business

A complicated system won’t work for many people because … A confused mind says ‘NO’! So the first requirement of a successful system is that … It MUST be SIMPLE … Simple means that ANYONE can do it. Remember this saying … Appeal to the masses and dine with the classes!

What Are The Simple Yet Necessary Requirements of a Successful System?

  1. It must effectively introduce your business to a LOT of prospects (you need prospects) without taking much of your time (or money)
  2. It must professionally present your business for you and sort your prospects so you know which ones are seriously interested
  3. It must automatically follow up with prospects indefinitely, providing them valuable information
  4. It must help you meet your #1 need (getting quality leads) for little or no cost
  5. It must provide you with ongoing training and clearly communicate that the “System Is The Solution”

A Great System Requires Effective Marketing

Have you ever heard of the ‘Google AdWords’ expert named Perry Marshall? Perry said “Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill” … They wanted a hole.

Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes … NOT information about drills!”

Think about that statement for a minute … and then let me ask you this question:

Are you advertising the hole or the drill?

If you’re not sure, here’s a hint … your business is the drill …

Succeeding at that business” is the hole. Effective Marketing is the ability to educate people on how their greatest needs (their “hole”), can be filled with your business (your “drill”)…  And then motivate them to take action.

My definition of “Effective Marketing” has several key components…

  1. You must start by educating your prospects (don’t sell  them right away)
  2. Your focus needs to be on their “hole” (their greatest  needs)
  3. You must show the connection in how your business (your “drill”), fills their “hole”
  4. You must get them to take action

Your focus needs to be on their needs … and here’s where I’ve found that so many business owners have failed …







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