Welcome To The Anatomy of The Lead Lightening Funnel

What do all businesses want to do?

  • Create buyers lists
  • Build that list
  • Create sales and exposure
  • And much more…

Where can you find such a system worth over $97/month for only $7?

Welcome to Lead Lightning!

If You’re Really Serious About Generating Your First Commission Online This Is The Ideal First Step

Not only does it work, at only $7, it’s the tiniest investment you can make and still have a realistic expectation of results.

Imagine How With Any “Lead” Who Buys:

  • You get $6
  • And these can pour in like crazy!
  • Seriously, these are the best leads!

As Your “Buyers” Grow Through The Checkout Process…

  • YOU HAVE THE CHANCE  to make a staggering amount of money on top of everything else!
  • Not only are you creating a list of buyers…
  • You’re making commissions every day
  • AND it’s super easy!

Where Else Are You Going To Find A Business This Cool?

Where else are you going to find a business this cool

Creating Buyer Leads AND $6 Bucks Over and Over, is SO EASY!

WHY Grab Your Copy of Lead Lightening?

  • You get a ‘done-for-you’ system to start generating $6 commissions immediately.
  • You get a ‘done-for-you’ system to start generating $6 commissions immediately.
  • You’ll get training and step by step instructions on how to advertise your link.
  • I doubt you’re ever going to find this much value packed in a 7 dollar package ever again.

Watch A Short Video of The Lead Lightening Back Office HERE!

Lead Lightening Anatomy

It Starts With A Lead Capture Page

Every person who enters your Lead Capture Page receives a ‘done-for-you’ email campaign. These are your leads exclusively. Then your leads see the Sales Page. You earn a $6.00 commission for every $7 buyer. Your prospect purchases Lead Lightning using their credit card.

One-Click Upsells

After Lead Lightening is purchased, your prospects will be offered a sequence of high-value products during their checkout process. Each can be added to their order with just ONE CLICK!


Earn exponential $20.00 residual commissions + 50% matches. Depending upon what they buy (or don’t buy)…Will determine what they are offered during the rest of the checkout.

Depending Upon What Your Lead Does

PLS Diamond UpSell Option

PLS Platinum Option

Commission Potential For Each New Customer is $526!

Lead Lightning Marketing System

 Push Button System For Creating Fresh Leads Daily








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