Frequently Asked Questions

PLS Marketing System

Does It Pay Out 100% Commissions?

Yes, however, not to one person. For example: If you were making a 50% matching bonus on Bob’s payline commission total, then any sale that falls on Bob’s payline, Bob would make $20/month, and you would make a 50% match, totaling a 100% payout. (all commissions are monthly)

When I Refer a New Customer, How Much Do I Make?

You’ll make $20/month for all of your ‘odd’ numbered personally sponsored sales/customers. Once you’ve rolled up 5 sales, all of your sales fall frontline, making you $20/month each.

How Much Do I Make on Sales That Roll Up To Me?

You make $20/month on all sales that land on your payline/frontline, whether you made them personally, or if they rolled up to you.

When I Make a Sale That Rolls Up, Do I Lose All Future Commissions From What That Person Does?

Absolutely not. You will make a 50% matching bonus on the entire payline commission total of any sale that you make that rolls up. For example: If you sponsor Joe and Joe rolls up, and Joe is earning $1000/month from his payline, you will make a 50% matching bonus: $500/month.

What Happens If One of the Sales That Rolled Up To My Payline, Quits?

To ensure the utmost integrity and fairness in the compensation plan, all sales rolling up to you must remain active. If one of them quits, the software will require a replacement. For example: Joe has already made 5 sales that rolled up to your payline. If one of those five quit, the software would then take Joe’s next ‘even’ numbered sale and roll them up to your payline to replace the one who quit.

Do I Make Any Money From Affiliate Fees?

No. Commissions are only made from the sale of products.

Can I Just Be a Customer Only?

Yes, if you’d prefer to be a customer only and not earn commissions, it’s $30/month. To become an affiliate is completely optional. (additional $23.97/month)

What Else Do I Get As an Affiliate?

As an Affiliate, you will receive exclusive marketing and system training via live Webinar. This special training takes place every month and is available only to active affiliates.

Is There Any Training on How to Use The System?

Yes. We have live trainings every week, as well as tutorial videos for every feature. It’s all just ‘point & click’, and extremely simple to use.

Is There Any Training or Direction on How to Market Online?

Yes. We have we an entire training area packed with simple to follow instructions. You will be given many proven places to advertise including top solo ad vendors, done-for-you advertising choices, and live training showing you exactly what to do.

Do You Offer Any Additional Products?

Yes. (Coming soon…) We’ll have a ($150/month) ‘Premier’ training package available for purchase from your back office. This will be an amazing package including exclusive training products from some of the industry’s top marketers. ‘Premier Pack’ sales follow the ‘Accelerated Leverage’ compensation model, and you must be an affiliate who owns the ‘Premier Pack’ product to receive ‘Premier Pack’ commissions.

Are There Any Refunds Given?

We have a strict non-refund policy due to the fact we give you a 7 day free trial. You can easily cancel from your back office at any time, and if you cancel before your 7 day trial is over, you will never be charged.

How Much Is It To Become a Customer?

The monthly fee to become a PLS Customer is $30 per month. The tools behind PLS have been priced at the same $30 per month fee for the last decade (but have never been offered in an income opportunity like PLS till now)!

Is There Any Fee to Become An Affiliate And If So How Much Is It?

There is a $23.97 monthly fee to be an Affiliate. You earn $20 per month from your 1st customer as well as everyone else on your Payline and … Anyone on your Payline will pass up every other one of their first 10 sales to you etc.!

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