What is The Power Lead System (PLS)?

The Power Lead System is a POWERFUL System and Business Opportunity That Allows You to Market A Complete All-in-One Marketing System From Priceless Possibilities.

Power Lead System Overview

PLS has several products, for different levels or for different interests. One of them may be what you are looking for or what you actually need.

Free Lead System Forever: Main purpose: build your list of leads for any purpose or business. No commissions

Lead Lightning: A Done-For-You system Basic but a full Sales Funnel to up-sale more products. One time $7 – Commissions 85% up to $526.

Silver: It’s an upgrade from Lead Lightning. with Access to amazing training and courses to learn how to market. $29.97/Mo Residual Commission $15/mo

Gold: This is the center piece of PLS. The most complete marketing system in the internet. A center hub to market as many business as you want. With an awesome leveraged commission system. $30/mo for the system plus $23.97 for the affiliate program. (Includes all the above products)

Customer: This is Gold without the affiliate for those who just want to use the system for any business and even for clients. $30/mo ($1 per day! that’s a give away!)

Diamond: Only for Gold members. A great course to learn about solos and coops up to thousands of dollars without spending a dime. $147 One Time. Commissions $100 and overrides $25

Platinum:  Only for Gold Members. The most complete Facebook marketing course. With a huge video library of study cases. $497 One time. – Commissions $400 and overrides $50

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